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Toxic Mold Lawyer Referrals

To be referred to an experienced and pre-screened toxic mold lawyer, call Attorney Search Network today.

Toxic mold law focuses on the harmful effects that molds that grow indoors can have on residents’ health. Harmful effects include allergic reactions and fungal infections of the digestive tract, skin, lungs, and sinuses. Toxic mold can be found in houses, condos, offices, schools, and other real property. The biological definition of toxic mold is that it is “a conspicuous mass of mycelium and fruiting structures produced by various fungi.” Molds are typically linked to spoiled foods and diseased plants. Some, however, serve a helpful purpose like in cheeses, antibiotics, and even in biochemical genetics research.

Mold is often characterized by being fuzzy, cobwebby, and as being black, blue, green or red fungal growths. Black bread mold is one of the most common types of mold. This type starts out as a microscopic, airborne spore that germinates when it makes contact with a wet surface of nonliving organic matter and then grows quickly. As it spreads, it forms the fungal body, or mycelium, which then makes clusters that penetrate the organic matter and absorb water, sugars and starches. Other clusters of hyphae move upward and form spore cases called sporangia, which create the color of that particular mold. When ripened, the sporangia open and the spores travel by wind to reproduce asexually.

Molds can live on several kinds of organic matter and when given ample moisture, they quickly disintegrate paper, wood and leather.

If you have been exposed to toxic mold in your home or in another building like your office, you should contact a toxic mold lawyer to seek compensation for your injuries. A toxic mold lawyer will also help you seek various legal claims, whether you need a medical examination and treatments or if you need your damaged property to be fixed or replaced. Call Attorney Search Network today if you are suffering damages or injuries due to toxic mold.

Contact Attorney Search Network for a Lawyer Referral in your local area with Toxic Mold experience.