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Attorney Search Network is a State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Service (113). Attorney Search Network Meets all the American Bar Standards for a Lawyer Referral Service. All our member Attorneys are Pre-Screened for years in practice, trial experience and clean State Bar records. Call Now, We are ready to help you find the right lawyer for your case.
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Torts are civil offenses that the law recognizes as reason for a lawsuit. In order to be considered as grounds for a lawsuit, these civil wrongs must cause injury or harm. Although certain torts can also be crimes that require imprisonment, the main goal of tort law is to provide relief for any resulting damages and to discourage other people from committing the same wrongs. An injured victim can sue for an injunction to stop the tortious behavior from continuing or to recover damages, including loss of wages, pain and suffering, and some medical bills.

Examples of torts include assault, battery, trespassing, negligence, products liability, and intentionally causing emotional suffering. Torts can be organized into three main categories: intentional torts, negligent torts, and strict liability torts. Intentional torts are constituted by wrongful actions that the accused knew or should have known would be a result of their behavior, for instance hitting a person with intent and injuring that person. Negligent torts are those wrongs which are a result of the defendant’s reckless or unsafe actions, e.g. if someone causes an auto accident after running a red light. Lastly, strict liability wrongs occur when someone is liable for producing or selling defective products.

Damages are the amount of money that the law requires for a violation of some right or duty, and there are two main kinds of damages: compensatory and punitive. Compensatory damages compensate an injured victim for a loss or injury. Punitive damages, on the other hand, are awarded to punish the wrongful party. Punitive damages are typically awarded for breaches of contract only if they are found to be wanton, willful, or deliberate breaches.

Products liability holds all people who manufacture a product that causes damage to the consumer liable for producing or selling the product. People that could be held liable include the manufacturer of the parts of a product, an assembling manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the retail seller. Products that are inherently defective and thus harm consumers or anyone who has been loaned or gifted the product, may induce a products liability lawsuit. To be subject to products liability suits, the products must be defective in some design, manufacturing, or marketing aspect. Design defects are present before the product’s manufacturing, manufacturing defects exist during the making of the product, and marketing defects include faulty instructions or the failure to warn consumers about dangers and risks inherent in the item. In terms of products liability, products are defined as tangible personal items, intangible goods (e.g. gasoline), naturals (e.g. pets), real estate property, and writings.

A defendant can be found liable in a products liability suit if the product is found to be defective. It does not matter if the manufacturer or seller maintained a high level of care, if a defect is found, he or she will be held liable for that defect.

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