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Criminal Theft & Robbery

Criminal Law Lawyer - Theft, Larceny, Robbery

If you need the help of criminal theft attorney, contact Attorney Search Network for a local lawyer referral.

There are multiple types of criminal theft. One kind is called theft by false pretenses, which takes place when an individual gains title of another’s property through the use of false representation. Both spoken and written false representation, in conjunction with the intention of cheating the victim, can constitute theft by false pretenses. The false representation must involve present or past concrete fact, and may not include opinion, false promise, or prediction. In order for a crime to be deemed theft by false pretenses, the accused has to have obtained the property because the victim was deceived or bought into the misrepresentation. Moreover, if the defendant is to be found guilty of false pretences, this type of crime requires that the accused obtains title to the property and not just possession without title. If the defendant gains possession of property and not title through misrepresentations, that type of crime has historically been known as larceny by fraud.

Another form of criminal theft is robbery, which is a type of aggravated larceny. Simply put, robbery involves assault or battery in addition to larceny. An act of robbery must entail all aspects of larceny: the perpetrator must trespass and take or transfer someone else’s money or property without permission and with the purpose of permanently taking that money or property away from the victim. In addition, for a crime to be considered robbery, two more elements are required. Violence or the threat of immediate violence must be present and the seizing of money or property has to be from the victim or in the presence of the victim.

Examples of criminal robbery include if a person were to take someone’s property or money while holding the victim at gunpoint, or if an individual takes another’s property or money after knocking the victim out. It is required that the property or money was on or so close to the victim that he or she could have stopped it from being taken if the act or threat of violence was absent. Law officials typically distinguish between two kinds of robbery. The first is simple robbery, in which the victim is intimidated and thus hands over his or her property or money. The second type is armed or aggravated robbery, where a dangerous weapon is involved.

If you have been accused of any of these kinds of theft, you can benefit from consulting a criminal theft lawyer. Contact Attorney Search Network today for a theft criminal defense attorney referral. Attorney Search Network is approved by the American Bar Association and will connect you to a top California lawyer with experience in criminal theft.