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Criminal Murder Lawyer Referrals

If you are in need of a murder lawyer or a murder defense attorney, call Attorney Search Network for a free consultation today.

Murder is a criminal act and is defined as the unlawful killing of a human being by another person with intent, aforethought, and malice. Hatred, ill will, and spite do not have to factor into the killing to make it fit the definition of murder. Some jurisdictions still abide by the rule that a murder exists only if the person dies within one year and a day after the accused murderer carried out the act. Traditionally, the presence of malice aforethought can be found in any of the following situations:

(1) An individual successfully kills another with the intent to kill and without legal justification or excuse. Some jurisdictions view the intentional use of a deadly weapon as proof of the intent to kill.

(2) An individual has the intention of making another suffer a serious, near-death injury, but instead kills the person without intending to.

(3) An individual acts so recklessly that he or she shows a depraved heart or callous indifference to the sacredness of human life, and in so doing causes the person’s death. If someone were to shoot a gun into a crowd of people and kill an innocent person, that would be an example of this type of murder.

(4) A felony murder occurs when an individual kills another during the commission of a felony and the death was a foreseeable result of the criminal act. If accomplices are found to have contributed in the committing of the felony, they may be found guilty of murder as well. An example would be if a robber accidentally shoots a gun during the commission of a robbery and the robbery victim is killed. Although the robber did not intend to kill the victim, if found guilty of the felony robbery, he or she would also be found guilty of the felony murder.

The consequences for committing a murder vary from state to state and the convicted can face life in prison or the death penalty. Murder is viewed as the most serious type of crime that a person can commit, and thus requires a very skilled murder criminal defense attorney with experience in representing murder cases and defending clients who are on trial for murder. If you have been accused of being connected to a murder, you should contact Attorney Search Network immediately to be referred to a top murder defense lawyer.

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