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Attorney Search Network is a State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Service (113). Attorney Search Network Meets all the American Bar Standards for a Lawyer Referral Service. All our member Attorneys are Pre-Screened for years in practice, trial experience and clean State Bar records. Call Now, We are ready to help you find the right lawyer for your case.
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Insurance Law

Insurance Law Lawyer Referrals

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Insurance law governs the agreement between the insured and insurer within an insurance policy. There are many different kinds of insurance, including auto, homeowners, health, disability, life insurance, and many others. In general, however, all types of insurance were created with the same goal: to deal out the risks of a loss from one person to a larger number of people. Each person who is covered by insurance pays a premium into a pool, and then when a loss occurs it is paid out from that pool. An individual who pays into the pool will not necessarily suffer the loss that is paid for by the pool of money; however, the paid premium is not refundable. Although insurance companies safeguard the premiums, since that puts so much responsibility on them to maintain economic stability, courts and the government are vigilant in ensuring that these companies follow regulations and consumer protection laws.

Prior to 1944, insurance was not controlled by federal regulations. The Supreme Court ruled in United States c. South-Eastern Underwriters Association that Congress should regulate interstate insurance transactions. Congress thus enacted the McCarran-Ferguson Act, which allows states to regulate insurance law. States can override most federal insurance laws, but some areas of federal law, including federal tax laws, are unchallengeable. It is important to distinguish between matters involving the “business of insurance” which is governed by state law and the peripherals of the insurance industry which are governed by federal law, including labor, tax and securities.

If you are experiencing issues with any type of insurance law, you may benefit from hiring an insurance lawyer. Lawyers can help solve disputes like wrongfully denied insurance claims and other various insurance law issues. Contact Attorney Search Network for a referral to a pre-screened and well-qualified insurance attorney in your area.

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