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Forgery - Criminal Law

Criminal Forgery

If you would like to be referred to a criminal forgery lawyer contact Attorney Search Network for a Lawyer Referral.

A person commits forgery if he or she makes a false writing or materially alters a genuine writing that has legal significance or is commonly relied upon in business transactions. The writing can include handwriting, printing, typewriting, or engraving. To be guilty of crimnal forgery, the person must intend to defraud someone by the forgery. There is no requirement that any victim lose property or money. It is enough that the forger makes the false writing with the fraudulent intent. The forger's act often consists of signing the name of a real or fictitious person (not the forger's own name), filling in a blank, or materially altering what is already written.

The crime of uttering a forged instrument consists of offering a forged document as true and genuine, knowing it to be a forgery, with an intent to defraud. Thus, a person who did not actually commit the forgery may be guilty of uttering.

If you are charged with forgery contact Attorney Search Network for a pre-screened lawyer referral. Attorney Search Network is a Lawyer Referral Service certified by the State Bar of California and approved by the American Bar Association.

If you have any questions about the information provided above, contact Attorney Search Network for a Criminal Defense Lawyer Referral in your local area.