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Family Law

Family Law Lawyer Referrals

If you would like to seek the advice of a pre-screened and well-qualified family law attorney, call Attorney Search Network today for a free consultation.

Family law deals with all areas of family relations and the duties and rights of family members, including areas like adoption, child custody, child support, alimony, divorce, estate planning, pre-nuptial agreements, children’s rights, separation agreements, domestic violence and equitable division.


There are absolute and limited divorces. Absolute divorce is the judicial termination of a marriage due to marital wrongdoings or a different statutory cause that occurred after the legal marriage took place. Following an absolute divorce, both people become single again.

Some jurisdictions allow for limited divorces which is typically a separation decree in which the married couple loses its right to cohabitate but their marriage goes undissolved and their status unchanged.

In several states there is the possibility of no-fault divorces. No-fault divorces were created to change common law divorce which used to require that evidence be presented in court that proved a divorcee’s marital misconduct sufficiently caused the need for divorce. Such outdated law required proving that a party had committed adultery or another disagreeable act. The introduction of no-fault divorces helped eliminate those often embarrassing and undesirable requirements by allowing for divorces once a relationship is found to no longer be viable. Some believe that no-fault divorces have led to the steady increase in national divorce rates in the United States.


Courts typically have jurisdiction over divorces so that the judge can also decide which party should be given child custody. Common law says that the parents of a child from their marriage are the child’s joint guardians and have equal rights to the child. Thus, in the event that the parents separate, they both have an equal right to custody of the child.

If you are experiencing an issue related to family law, a family lawyer can help your family settle disputes. Contact Attorney Search Network to find top family attorneys who specialize in all areas of family law.

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