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Deportation Law

If you would like to hire a deportation or immigration attorney, Contact Attorney Search Network today for a free referral.

Deportation occurs when the government removes or expels non-United States citizens from the nation. Those who may be at risk of deportation are people whose temporary visas have expired during their time in the country, those who have broken laws governing immigration, individuals who illegally entered the U.S., long-standing immigrants who have obtained green cards but who have committed a present-day or past crime, and those who have falsely claimed U.S. citizenship in an attempt to benefit from immigration or employment laws.

Those who have been chosen for deportation are required to receive notification from the government regarding the reason for and details of removal. The notice will also allot a certain time period to people at risk of deportation so that they may have their cases heard in front of an immigration judge. When appearing before an immigration judge, an individual may confirm or deny that he or she must face deportation and may request an immigration hearing. People who receive notification of their removal from the country may ask the judge to grant them certain exemptions from deportation.

Removal proceedings combine deportation and exclusion proceedings. Immigrants’ chances of staying in this country are affected by removal proceedings, regardless of whether the proceeding stems from the defendant being subject to deportation or not being admissible. Deportation is the removal of people who are already in this country legally or illegally. Grounds of inadmissibility, on the other hand, affect people who have not yet entered the U.S. by stopping them from doing so in the first place.

Several kinds of relief from removal are granted under The Immigration and Nationality Act, including waivers of deportability, cancellation of removal orders for non-permanent and permanent residents, withholding and suspending deportation, cancellation of removal orders, adjustment of status application to permanent residence status, and sometimes when all else fails, voluntary departure.

If you are an immigrant facing removal proceedings, Attorney Search Network has well-qualified deportation defense attorneys who can help you by quickening or stalling the process depending on how shifting immigration laws will best benefit you. If you have received a notice of deportation from an immigration judge, you should not hesitate to call Attorney Search Network today.

Contact Attorney Search Network for an immigration Lawyer Referral in your local area with deportation experience.