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To be referred to an experienced auto accident attorney, Call Attorney Search Network today.

Auto accidents exist when there is a collision involving two vehicles. This type of accident occurs daily throughout the country and often takes place as simple accidents in which no one is injured and little to no damage is done. However, all too often auto accidents result in severe damage and injuries. Following an accident, injured parties have to deal with a surplus of insurance forms and telephone calls, will have to fill out accident reports, and cover steep medical bills. Matters can be made even worse when injured victims are left in bad health or a confused state-of-mind and thus may not be able to properly handle the aftermath of an accident.

After an auto accident has occurred, insurance companies work to minimize their own liabilities and to lower the amount of money that is owed to injured victims.

Under personal injury laws, injured victims may find themselves eligible to receive compensation for their emotional and physical injuries, including pain, emotional suffering, disability, dismemberment, permanent deformities, wrongful death, inability to live as comfortably or happily as before the accident, etc. Victims may also be able to recover certain special types of damages, including past, present, and future medical bills, and loss of wages and work. Certain states provide “no fault” benefits for victims of an auto accident, which may include partial payments towards lost wages and medical bills.

There are many steps involved in how to handle an auto accident that can help protect your life and help you avoid running into legal issues. If you get into a collision with another vehicle or a pedestrian, the first step is to stop the car and do not leave the scene. It does not matter how minor the accident seems, if you do not stop you may be criminally prosecuted, even if the accident was not your fault. Stop your car safely, without putting anyone else in danger and without blocking traffic. It is then important to call an ambulance if someone has been injured in the accident. In the meantime, do what you can to aid the injured but be mindful not to give help that you are not qualified to give in order to avoid further injuring the victim.

The next step is to call the police. A police officer will arrive at the scene, make sure that the parties have exchanged important contact and insurance information, will handle the investigation of the accident and any emergencies that may occur. The officer’s investigation report may become useful in the case of any later lawsuits. It is required by California law that every party involved in an auto accident gives his or her name, address, and license plate number to the others involved. If requested, each person involved must also show a driver’s license. In the event that you collide with an unattended vehicle, it is necessary to locate the owner or driver and give this information. If they cannot be located, you must leave a written note in the vehicle or in a noticeable place stating the information.

Do remember not to provide any more information than what the law requires, for instance by not taking fault for the accident or discussing the cause. It is your right to speak with a lawyer before commenting on the cause of the collision. Be sure to obtain all the necessary information from others involved in the accident as well, including names and addresses from any witnesses. Record any important details of the accident in case of legal problems down the line.

After the accident, if you feel any pain or injury whatsoever, immediately set up an appointment with your doctor for an examination. If any passengers in your vehicle were injured, have them do the same.

Immediately following the accident, inform your auto insurance company. Auto accident law in California requires that you file a written report of any accident you are involved in which led to death or injury of any person and for most accidents that resulted in property damage. You may lose your driver’s license if you do not file a report. The form can be found at any police or sheriff’s station and should be filed within ten days of the incident.

If you have been involved in an accident and are not sure about your rights, you should seek the advice of an auto accident lawyer. If you have suffered any emotional, financial, and/or physical injuries as a result of an auto accident, a lawyer can ensure that you, as an auto accident personal injury victim, recover all damages you are entitled to. An auto accident attorney can also speak to witnesses and obtain and present evidence to help you prove your injuries and suffering and receive proper compensation. Contact Attorney Search Network to be referred to a top auto accident lawyer in California.

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