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Slip and Fall Lawyer Referrals

If you would like to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer, Attorney Search Network can provide you with a free referral to a top attorney in your local area. Call today.

A slip and fall is a kind of personal injury that involves someone slipping, falling, or tripping due to dangerous conditions or safety hazards on someone else’s property.

A landowner or business owner may be deemed legally responsible for injuries sustained by someone else as a result of dangerous conditions on that owner’s property. Property owners are legally responsible for slip and fall accidents that are sustained because of hazardous conditions of their property, including hazards that the owner was either already aware of or should have been aware of. The owner is responsible for many different kinds of hazards, including visible ones like a leak that could cause slips, hidden conditions like a broken stair, or temporary hazards, for instance a liquid spill in a grocery store.

Permanent hazards are the likeliest to get property owners into the most legal trouble, since legally it is believed that the owner either has or should have been aware of a condition prior to it causing an injury to another. Temporary conditions make legal cases trickier. The length of time that a dangerous or hazardous temporary condition posed a threat to others will become a major factor in whether an owner should be held liable for injuries that the temporary hazard caused.

Both the owner and the person who suffers an injury can benefit from consulting a personal injury lawyer. Whether you are the one who has been injured on someone else’s dangerous property, or someone has suffered an injury while on your property from a slip, fall, or trip, seeking the advice of a personal injury lawyer can help both parties. A personal injury attorney can help the injured collect damages or can help rid the owner of legal responsibility for any injuries suffered on his or her property. Contact Attorney Search Network to find an experienced personal injury lawyer who specializes in slip and fall accidents.

Contact Attorney Search Network for a Personal Injury Lawyer Referral in your local area with Slip and Fall experience.